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Zenith Research provides a suite of services tailored to fit the customer life cycle: from market research to acquisition, to customer service, to customer retention. We can integrate all of our services to create a comprehensive, coordinated, full-scale solution. We also have the flexibility to isolate a single segment of the customer contact equation; whatever achieves the best economies of scale.

Our tele-center can manage incoming services and places calls for market research efforts. Think of us as an external, integrated response to any tele-center needs, seamlessly connecting to any portal or platform, working in conjunction with other service partners.

Our experienced staff has coordinated hundreds of online research efforts, and our professional leadership team has coordinated focus group research for virtually every segment of business and industry sectors.

Consumer Surveys and Market Research

Consumers are the inspiration for innovation and the first step in building consumer loyalty is through objective assessment. Zenith Research has the experience in conducting consumer surveys and interviews to determine service levels, and the motivations and purchasing behaviors of consumers. Gaining solid market research isn’t just valuable information; it will enhance marketing, sales, and any retention efforts while improving input processes. Zenith Research understands that obtaining strategic and accurate information is a necessity in today’s competitive marketplace. We have conducted surveys and have performed market research interviews to achieve a multitude of objectives for our clients:

  • Study a market
  • Measure customer satisfaction and customer value
  • New product and service development
  • Analyze effectiveness of sales, customer service and field personnel
  • Gather customer opinions on products and services through non-biased, in-depth surveys and market research
  • Integrate client quality standards
  • Explore new market potential and expansion opportunities
  • Gauge public opinion prior to and following new marketing initiatives

Many tele-centers are volume-burdened or ill-suited to the unique task of conducting telephone surveys. We offer an educational, interactive channel that is easy, fast, friendly, results-focused, and available around the clock. Whether your research needs are to assess potential adoption rates, find out why customers have stopped using your product or service, or assess the perception of brand quality, we’ll make sure to maximize every opportunity.

You Can Expect

  • Controlled, budgetable costs, allowing you to attain your market research goals within or below budget targets, and to better manage the risk of adding a heightened customer service goal.
  • Highly experienced, skilled employees immediately – no time to maturity.
  • A shorter distance between you and your revenue/ROI goals.
  • Better results as a by-product of avoiding overburdening or multi-directing your own representatives; we’ll just be focused on polling your customer base – nothing else.
  • Clean, complete and concise data delivered on time.