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Case Studies

The following case studies will give you an idea of the results we’ve achieved with just a few of our projects. We generally do not identify individual companies. Our clients are in a highly competitive business/social environment and we respect their desire to maintain confidentiality regarding their marketing strategies and sales results.


City of Duluth, Minnesota

Development and completion of statewide research to determine Duluth’s brand, reputation and perception as a component of the city’s 90×20 initiative. Analyzed the results of 610 interviews and prepared a summary report to assist in the creation of a re-branding strategy with the goal to attract up to
4,000 new permanent residents by the year 2020.

  • Results: Branding strategy is underway with several partner organizations.


Public-Policy Research

Coordination and implementation of quantitative and qualitative research in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa for The Aspen Institute, Robert Woods Johnson Foundation and the American Lung Association.

  • Results: Baseline data and updated information on attitudes, perceptions and behavior related to tobacco use and binge drinking, resulting in legislation and programs effective in reducing smoking and alcohol abuse among residents of the study regions.


Visit Duluth

Coordination and implementation of multi-year qualitative and quantitative research among residents of
Minnesota and tourists visiting Duluth, Minnesota.

  • Results: Duluth tourism has increased every year with greater understanding of the traveling public’s
    desires, wants and needs.


Travel Industry Research

Coordination and implementation of quantitative research among visitors to a chain of boutique hotels/motels along Minnesota’s north shore of Lake Superior. Our internet-based research provided data and analysis from 4,500 completed surveys.

  • Results: Increased understanding of the travel and vacation experience, resulting in greater returns on investment in new and more effective marketing initiatives and on-site experiences. departments.


Essentia Health

For more than 12 years, we have coordinated and implemented focus group research for the region’s largest medical center to prioritize medical services, desires for changes within the delivery of services, and outcome measures to determine success or failure.

  • Results: Essentia Health is implementing new services and performance measures and standards.


State of Minnesota, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Coordination and Implementation of multi-year surveys to gather information on the disposal of household and business garbage/waste in Minnesota’s 87 counties, in an attempt to discover the extent to which almost 1,000 homeowners and business owners in areas outside the major city centers were engaging in disposal through the use of burn barrels or other similar burn devices.

  • Results: Use of burn devices declined from 44 percent to 33 percent in the study regions.


Lake Superior College – Duluth, Minnesota

Coordination and implementation of multi-year, multi-phase qualitative and quantitative survey research among primary college-age population, adults re-entering the educational environment and business owners within northeast Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin. Research topics included educational expectations, workforce preparedness and awareness/perception of college’s two-year programs.

  • Results: College leaders gained a greater understanding of resident educational views and business owners expectations for graduates and career options presented within the college, leading to increased enrollment.


Regional/National Engineering Studies

Coordination and implementation of two dozen studies for a Minnesota-based engineering firm centering on key sectors of the firm’s disciplines. The research efforts identified key growth markets regionally and nationally, and identified potential alliance partners to facilitate rapid community involvement.

  • Results: The firm has experienced significant growth based on an expansion of contract service outside its previous service area, and has expanded from six offices in three states to offices in 12 states.


Public Attitudinal Research

Coordination and implementation of multi-jurisdictional research for a quasi-governmental agency. Market research studies have been completed every other year since 1993.

  • Results: Significant improvement in quality of life for area residents based on policy changes implemented for community well-being.


Financial Institution Research

Coordination and implementation of multi-phased research projects for many of the region’s largest banks, credit unions and financial institutions.

  • Results: Increased customer base, new locations, more effective customer service and new brand image.